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The US Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a robust healthcare option for military families, retirees, and dependents. It is one of the TRICARE Prime options, offering comprehensive care through a network of community-based, not-for-profit healthcare systems. Understanding the intricacies of the US Family Health Plan is crucial for beneficiaries to make informed decisions about their health care coverage.

What is the US Family Health Plan?

The US Family Health Plan is a managed care program designed to provide healthcare services to military families, retirees, and eligible dependents. This plan operates under the broader TRICARE program and is known for its high-quality care and exceptional patient satisfaction rates.

History and Development

The US Family Health Plan has a rich history. It originated in the 1980s as a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative to provide comprehensive health care to military families. Over the decades, it has evolved to include various providers and services, adapting to the changing needs of its members.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for the US Family Health Plan includes active-duty family members, retirees, and their dependents. Specific eligibility criteria include:

  • Active duty family members
  • Retired service members and their eligible family members
  • Certain survivors and former spouses

How to Enroll

Enrolling in the US Family Health Plan involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Determine eligibility through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).
  2. Choose a designated US Family Health Plan provider in your region.
  3. Complete the enrollment process via the TRICARE website or by contacting a local representative.

Coverage and Benefits

What Does the US Family Health Plan Cover?

The US Family Health Plan provides a wide range of healthcare services, including:

  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental health services
  • Preventive services

US Family Health Plan TRICARE

As part of the TRICARE Prime network, the US Family Health Plan offers benefits similar to those of TRICARE Prime, including low out-of-pocket costs and comprehensive coverage.

US Family Health Plan Dental

Dental coverage under the US Family Health Plan is extensive. It offers preventive care, routine cleanings, and more complex procedures, ensuring that members maintain optimal oral health.

Providers and Locations

US Family Health Plan at PacMed

Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) is a notable US Family Health Plan network provider. PacMed offers various services, ensuring members receive comprehensive and coordinated care.

Other Provider Networks

Apart from PacMed, the US Family Health Plan collaborates with other respected healthcare providers across different regions. These providers are dedicated to delivering high-quality care and maintaining patient satisfaction.

Costs and Financial Information

Premiums and Out-of-Pocket Costs

One significant advantage of the US Family Health Plan is its affordability. Members enjoy low premiums and out-of-pocket costs, making it an attractive option for military families and retirees.

Financial Assistance Programs

For those who need financial assistance, the US Family Health Plan offers various programs to help manage costs. These programs ensure all eligible members can access health care without financial hardship.

Accessing Care

Finding a Provider

Members can easily find a provider within the US Family Health Plan network through the TRICARE website or member services. The plan’s network includes a variety of primary care physicians and specialists.

Making Appointments

Scheduling appointments with providers in the US Family Health Plan network is straightforward. Members can make appointments by contacting their chosen provider directly or using online scheduling tools provided by their health care system.

Specialty Services

Mental Health Services

The US Family Health Plan focuses on mental health and offers services like therapy, counseling, and psychiatric care. These programs aim to improve members’ emotional health.

Chronic Disease Management

The US Family Health Plan provides comprehensive disease management programs for members with chronic conditions. These programs include regular monitoring, specialist care, and educational resources to help manage conditions effectively.

Preventive Services

Annual Checkups

Annual checkups are a cornerstone of preventive care under the US Family Health Plan. These checkups help detect potential health issues early, ensuring prompt treatment and better health outcomes.

Screenings and Vaccinations

Preventive services also include essential screenings and vaccinations. These services are crucial for maintaining long-term health and preventing the spread of diseases.

Customer Support and Resources

Member Services

US Family Health Plan members have access to dedicated member services teams. These teams provide support with enrollment, benefits inquiries, and any other issues members may face.

Online Resources

The US Family Health Plan offers many online resources, including health information, provider directories, and appointment scheduling tools. These resources make it easier for members to manage their health care.

Technology and Innovations

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services are an integral part of the US Family Health Plan, providing members with convenient access to care. These services include virtual consultations with primary care physicians and specialists.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, improve care by giving doctors and nurses access to full and up-to-date patient records. They help the US Family Health Plan coordinate care and improve health outcomes.

Case Studies

Case studies of US Family Health Plan members highlight the plan’s positive impact on their health and well-being. These real-life examples demonstrate the comprehensive and compassionate care provided by the plan.

Expert Insights

Medical professionals and experts provide insights into the benefits and effectiveness of the US Family Health Plan. Their perspectives help underscore the plan’s commitment to quality care and patient satisfaction.


What kind of insurance is the US Family Health Plan?

The US Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a managed care program under the TRICARE Prime umbrella. It provides comprehensive healthcare services to eligible military families, retirees, and their dependents through a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system network. The plan offers many benefits, including primary care, specialty care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health services, and preventive care, ensuring members receive high-quality, coordinated health care.

What is the difference between TRICARE Prime and US Family Health Plan?

While both TRICARE Prime and the US Family Health Plan (USFHP) are part of the TRICARE program and offer similar benefits, there are some key differences:

  1. Provider Network: TRICARE Prime uses a network of military and civilian providers managed by regional contractors, while USFHP relies on specific, community-based, not-for-profit healthcare systems.
  2. Enrollment Regions: USFHP is available in designated regions, and members must use the plan’s provider network. TRICARE Prime is available nationwide and internationally, offering more provider flexibility.
  3. Management: USFHP is managed by select healthcare organizations contracting with the Department of Defense, whereas regional TRICARE contractors manage TRICARE Prime.

Who is eligible for the US Family Health Plan?

Eligibility for the US Family Health Plan includes:

  • Active duty family members.
  • Retired service members and their eligible family members.
  • Certain survivors and former spouses.
  • Medal of Honor recipients and their families.
  • Individuals eligible for TRICARE who live in one of the USFHP service areas.

Eligibility must be verified through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

How does the US Family Health Plan work with Medicare?

For people who are eligible for both Medicare and the US Family Health Plan, the two can work together to cover the complete:

  1. Primary Coverage: USFHP serves as members’ primary health insurance, covering most medical services without requiring Medicare to be billed first.
  2. Coordination of Benefits: When a person turns 65 and is eligible for Medicare, they must sign up for Medicare Part B to keep their USFHP coverage. USFHP continues to serve people and coordinates their benefits with Medicare.
  3. Out-of-Pocket Costs: Medicare-eligible USFHP members generally have lower out-of-pocket costs, as USFHP covers most services, often reducing or eliminating the need for Medicare cost-sharing.


The US Family Health Plan stands out as a premier healthcare option for military families and retirees. It offers comprehensive coverage, affordability, and exceptional care through its network of providers. Understanding the plan’s benefits, eligibility criteria, and enrollment process can help eligible members make informed decisions about their health care.

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