Looking for a temporary solution with short-term health insurance?

Don’t let coverage gaps catch you off guard – Find a plan to bridge the transition between health plans.

What type of health plan are you looking for?

Temporary health insurance

Short-term health insurance provides coverage to bridge the gap between primary medical insurance plans. Short-term insurance offers essential protection whether you’re transitioning between jobs, preparing for international travel, awaiting Medicare eligibility, or outside an enrollment period.

Benefits of short-term insurance

Get the coverage you need during transitional periods with short-term health insurance.

Facts About Short-Term Health Insurance

  • Short-term health insurance plans can cover you for up to one year (364 days), with the option to renew for nearly three years.
  • Coverage details and duration vary based on the specific plan and state regulations.
  • Ensuring your coverage aligns perfectly with your needs is essential.

Short-term insurance is a health coverage option designed to assist during transitional periods, such as job loss. Unlike Qualified Health Insurance Plans, short-term health insurance does not fulfill long-term medical insurance criteria and doesn’t meet the coverage standards of the Affordable Care Act.

You can apply for short-term health insurance outside the annual Open Enrollment Period. Many plans offer coverage for doctor’s office visits and emergency hospital services. It is important to note that benefits and services can vary based on both your insurance provider and where you live.

The best short-term insurance plans are customized to fit your unique needs. This means evaluating the duration of coverage needed, the level of coverage desired, and affordability. When searching for the perfect short-term insurance for you and your family, NewHealthInsurance is available around the clock to assist.

Temporary or short-term health insurance is a temporary solution for medical coverage needs between long-term and major medical insurance plans. NewHealthInsurance is your partner in finding temporary health insurance plans tailored to your area.


Short-term health insurance caters to those experiencing or anticipating a loss of coverage. If you need to bridge a temporary gap between health insurance plans without the expense of an ACA plan, short-term medical insurance might suit your needs.

A licensed health insurance agent can assist you in navigating the application process for short-term health insurance customized to your unique needs. During this process, you’ll provide basic information such as your name, age, and location and answer medical questions regarding your health history.

Yes, many short-term health insurance plans come with networks, enabling negotiated lower service rates with providers.

Yes, if permitted by your state regulations. Insurance companies may offer extensions for your short-term health insurance or allow you to repurchase the same plan upon expiration. Renewal may require reapplication, with changes in health status impacting eligibility and premium costs.

No, typically, they are not. While some short-term plans may offer limited coverage for pre-existing conditions, carriers are not mandated to provide such coverage. Consequently, individuals with underlying health conditions may face plan denials.

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