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In this article, we will learn following things about OPT health insurance

  • Requirements for F1 and OPT Health Insurance
  • OPT Health Insurance Provided by the Employer
  • Optional Levels of OPT Health Insurance Coverage

This is an exciting period in your life if you’re in the United States on an F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa. You’ve completed your studies and secured employment in your field of study, and you’re on your way to a prosperous future. You want to be safe and healthy as well.

There are no OPT health insurance requirements for visa holders from the government. Your educational institution will establish the required medical insurance coverage level but will only provide limited guidance in other situations. We can help you determine the optimal training strategy for your time in the US.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is available to undergraduate and graduate students on F-1 visas who have finished their degrees or studied in the United States for more than nine months.

Requirements for F1 and OPT Insurance

It’s critical that you and any dependents adhere to your school’s insurance policies. Some schools require you to obtain school-sponsored insurance, while others enable you to choose your own health plan.

The first step is to inquire about insurance needs and a sponsored F1 insurance plan for OPT visa holders. If they do, make sure to inquire if dependents can be added if that’s something you’re interested in.

Get all of the details and information you require regarding the medical insurance plan, including the pricing and coverage details. Also, see if you can opt-out of the school’s plan and buy your own instead. If you can opt-out of the school’s insurance plan, you will almost certainly be obliged to purchase your own. If you also want to know about the cheap health insurance in Florida you would find it here.

OPT Health Insurance Provided by the Employer

Your OPT employer may provide medical insurance. That coverage may not cover medical evacuation or repatriation of remains fees for persons who live abroad. If this case, you’ll need to buy more health insurance.

Medical insurance plans differ significantly in terms of coverage and cost. Consider your individual needs and those of your family, if appropriate, while choosing a plan to save money on health insurance.

Purchasing proper family health insurance coverage is the greatest method to protect yourself and your family from unexpected medical expenses. Medical care for an accident or illness while on OPT in the United States could cost more than your OPT job’s annual salary.

Keep in mind that health insurance has limits. You must pay any costs over the limit. Additionally, don’t assume that it will cover your therapy regardless of the circumstances. Pay special attention to the insurance plan’s “Exclusions and Limitations” section to understand what it doesn’t cover and what it covers only partially.

As an OPT visa holder, your health insurance plan should cover the following:

OPT Students with Medical Insurance

Your educational institution can mandate a certain level of medical coverage as part of your insurance plan. If not, think about how much you could pay yourself if you didn’t have a job.

Your policy specifies the maximum amount your insurance plan will pay for medical coverage. There’s also a deductible and a portion of the amount that your insurance will cover.

Because all health care and health insurance in the United States are private, you must pay the entire medical bill if you do not have insurance.

OPT Students Need Medical Evacuation

You might be unsure what emergency medical evacuation insurance is or why you might require it. If you were hurt or sick and the nearest medical facility couldn’t help you, this would allow you to be taken to a facility that could.

The acting physician and the insurance company are responsible for determining whether or not transportation is necessary. Travel to your native nation is not guaranteed under emergency medical evacuation insurance.

Remains Repatriation

The Return of Mortal Remains is another name for repatriation. This gives funding to have your remains delivered to your relatives back home if you die while in the United States. This part of an insurance policy takes care of the planning, logistics, and cost, so your family at home doesn’t have to.

Plan lengths range from a few days to two to three years. Individual insurance providers may have their own time limits.

A variety of coverage and benefit levels are available. All of the plans include discounts for paying the entire cost in advance and coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

Optional Levels of OPT Health Insurance

Platinum / Elite: This plan offers the most extensive coverage and is considered the best. This plan is as excellent as it gets, with a $500,000 maximum medical benefit with the most advantages of health insurance and the best coverage after a deductible. Pre-existing condition coverage begins after six months, and maternity and college sports benefits are available.

Gold/Select – Good coverage is still available. After the deductible, coverage is 80% up to $5,000, then 100% up to the maximum amount. It covers benefits for maternity and college sports, and coverage for previous conditions begins after six months.

Budget / Silver Is a highly cost-effective option. Following a deductible, the maximum $250,000 coverage kicks in. Up to $25,000, coverage is 80%, then 100% until the maximum medical benefit is reached. After 12 months, pre-existing conditions are covered, and maternity and college sports are covered to some extent.

The most cost-effective option is Bronze / Smart. After the deductible, you pay 80% of the maximum coverage amount with a $200,000 maximum benefit. It only covers pre-existing diseases if they manifest themselves suddenly, and there is no coverage for college sports or pregnancy.

OPT policies typically do not cover dental and vision care, birth control, preventative check-ups, and vaccines.

Read this article long-term healthcare insurance to know about what long term insurance covers.

Not everyone on an F-1 OPT visa qualifies for every OPT health insurance plan.

  • If you’ve had domestic insurance before (such as through your school), you may not be eligible for OPT Student Insurance – look into short or long-term insurance instead.
  • In case your employer provides it, you can’t buy OPT health insurance, but you find it too expensive.
  • If you’ve already graduated from school, you’re no longer eligible for international student insurance.

Good luck with your research and selecting the best selection for your needs now that you know a little more about buying OPT health insurance plan.

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