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Kaiser Health Insurance Reviews: What makes Kaiser so popular? How do I choose the right plan for me? Is Kaiser Permanente the best choice for you? Find out why Kaiser is one of the most reputable brands in healthcare today. Get the facts from our unbiased review and read our expert tips on choosing the best plan.

Overview of Kaiser Permanente 

One of the nation’s top nonprofit medical plans and providers of healthcare, Kaiser Permanente was established in 1945. The District of Columbia, eight states, and 12.6 million serve their customers daily. Their own Permanente Health care physicians, experts, and a team of caregivers direct care for patients and members, emphasizing their overall health.

Kaiser Permanente Company established 1945
Network for insurance coverage 8 states
The National Committee for Quality Assurance rating 4 points 3 out of 5
NCQA accreditation Yes
Existing Plans ●     Families’ and individuals’ insurance


●     Medi-Cal and Medicaid.


●     Medicare

Service Provider  Medical centers 37 & medical offices 600

 Type of Insurance Kaiser Permanente Offers

On the market for health insurance, Kaiser Permanente provides the following two varieties of plans:

EPO An HMO-like concept an EPO is (an exclusive provider organization). To be covered, you must remain inside the plan’s network of providers, but you don’t require a referral to visit a doctor from your regular care physician.
HMO In most cases, patients with an HMO (health maintenance organization) plan are only insured for care from healthcare professionals who are part of the plan’s provider network. Typically, to consult a doctor, you have to have a referral.


Kaiser Permanente provides the following plan categories:

●     Families’ and individuals’ insurance
●     Medi-Cal and Medicaid.
●     Medicare

 Existing Plans of Kaiser Health Insurance

Various health coverage options are available through Kaiser Permanente, such as family plans, individual plans, Medicaid, Medicare, and group health insurance. 

Kaiser’s insurance coverage primarily comprises health maintenance organization (HMO) healthcare plans, which only provide a range of in-network treatments and frequently have lower monthly premiums. 

The 700 clinics and 39 Kaiser Hospitals are inaccessible to you. It would help if you also chose a doctor for primary care who may refer you to experts as necessary. 

The fact that this medical plan and healthcare integration restricts your access to specialists not connected to Kaiser is a significant worry for people with persistent medical conditions. 

Bear in mind that Kaiser might use physicians with a comparable specialty. The network’s limitations can be an issue for people who travel frequently. 

Kaiser-affiliated facilities will only pay for emergency hospital and urgent care treatments when you are not home. 

As you go to another Permanente provider network or beyond the service area, the firm also provides a dedicated customer service line to assist you with issues, insurance, or preapproval.

Individual and family plans

It is possible to purchase Kaiser Health coverage directly from the insurer or through the Affordable Care Act, which created a health exchange or “Obamacare.” 

However, if you purchase insurance through the marketplace, you have access to health care plan tax credits that can reduce the cost of your coverage. 

The Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans provide the bare minimum of financial and legal safeguards, such as unlimited screenings and preventative care. 

Gold, silver, bronze, and platinum are the four distinct metal categories into which plans are categorized. 

You can select one of the three insurance kinds that define Kaiser’s plans: Gold Copayment, Bronze Deductible, or a different combination.

Deductible plans Until your expenses hit the deductible amount, you’ll be responsible for paying for the majority of your medical expenses under these plans, just like you would under traditional insurance. The coinsurance amount outlined by your plan will then be your responsibility.
Health savings account plan The Kaiser plans with the highest deductibles are the cheapest.

You can start an HSA (health savings account) to defer paying taxes on the funds you will use to cover doctor visits and other medical expenses.


Copayment plans The monthly fees for these Gold and Platinum category plans are exorbitant. But they don’t have deductibles. Such policies may save you money when you expect to have a lot of medical bills, as you only have to provide a co-payment for health coverage.

Medicaid and low-income people’s programs

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente collaborates in projects involving Medicaid. If you meet the requirements, your agency may offer a government plan through Kaiser Insurance for low-income individuals. 

Those ineligible for private or public healthcare coverage can receive coverage and access to care through the charitable medical insurance program, which Kaiser also funds. 

A Medical Financial Assistance program offers discounted or free healthcare services for people with poor earnings, no insurance, or who are neglected.


The company also offers Medicare plans that can be purchased directly from Kaiser Permanente or

Medicare Part C(Medicare Advantage) Plans provide affordable advantages including prescription drug coverage in addition to Original Medicare’s coverage. Kaiser is one of the major providers of Medicare Advantage, and these pooled plans can make managing your healthcare coverage easier.
Medicare Part D(Prescription coverage) Only bundled Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage are obtainable. There are no stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription coverage plans available.
Medicare Advantage Plus Kaiser’s Part C plans, which also cover hearing aids, dental treatment, and eyewear, are categorized as Medicare Advantage Plus programs.

 Group and employer insurance

Kaiser may provide more plan alternatives for group plans than what is offered to individual buyers. 

For instance, in some cities, PPO (preferred provider organization) plans to offer more excellent medical coverage outside of Kaiser’s facilities and physicians. 

Be warned that the reputation of these preferred provider organization plans may be better than that of Kaiser HMO review.

 As an illustration, we don’t suggest the Kaiser Choices PPO program to Washington state people due to low customer satisfaction.

Where Can I Find Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente provides policies for health insurance across eight states & the District of Columbia. This includes the Mid-Atlantic territory, the West Coast, and other regions.

  ●    Washington

  ●    Oregon

  ●    California

  ●    District of Columbia

  ●    Georgia

  ●    Hawaii

  ●    Maryland

  ●    Virginia

There may be a few states where Kaiser Permanente is active. Due to its substantial market presence in such sectors, it is still considered a primary insurance provider. 

In every state or region where it does business, Kaiser is among the top 3 healthcare providers.

Kaiser Permanente Cost

Depending on your age and other factors, including the type of coverage you select, the monthly cost of Permanente Health can fluctuate from around $300 to almost $1,000. Kaiser Permanente cost, on average, each month

Tier 60 years old 40  years old 21 years old
Gold $853 $534 $417
Silver $735 $474 $373
Bronze $522 $377 $295
Platinum $970 $588 $460

Based on California’s present legal framework. Note that these standard prices are for those who pay the entire cost of their medical insurance. 

You may be eligible for health coverage discounts under the Affordable Care Act, which drastically reduce your monthly insurance rates, depending on your family size and income.

 Kaiser health care is often less expensive when compared to other significant health insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Where Is Kaiser Permanente Most Affordable?

The Silver plan from Kaiser Permanente costs approximately $335 monthly, the cheapest average Maryland healthcare cost.

Cost per month Insurance company
$474  in California
$335  in Maryland
$471  in Virginia
$450  in  Washington
$396  in Colorado
$447  in Oregon
$482   in Hawaii
$400  in Washington, D.C.
$467   in Georgia

Cost of a Silver plan for a person aged 40.

Pros and Cons of Kaiser Permanente

Is Kaiser Good? And why do we like Kaiser Permanente’s coverage for health insurance?

  ●    A variety of plans are available.

  ●    A large number of covered services

  ●    Large network of providers

Kaiser Permanente’s health care plans have some drawbacks:

  ● At the moment, eight states and the District of Columbia are offering this plan

  ●    The only flexible type of plan is HMO (plans are health maintenance organizations)

How Do People Rate Kaiser Health Insurance?

You can learn how a company’s plans compare to the competition by consulting reliable ratings and reviews. Check out our Kaiser Permanente ratings.

Rating: overall Four point six stars (4.6)

Customer satisfaction rating Financial strength rating Coverage rating Rating of value
Four point five stars (4.5) Five-star (5) Four stars (4) Four point eight stars (4.8)


Customer satisfaction rating – Four point five star (4.5) Kaiser Permanente’s clients’ satisfaction with their care was evaluated using scores from the Consumer Affairs, National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and the Better Business Bureau. You can find out if a company provides the amount of assistance and customer care you require by looking up its past clients’ experiences. Kaiser Permanente has an A score from the BBB. In the previous three years, the business only resolved 7 claims, all of which had to do with invoicing or coverage difficulties. Kaiser Permanente has received very high customer satisfaction scores from NCQA. All plans under review received high marks for performance. However, preventative & treatment services receive excellent marks, while consumer satisfaction with the bulk of plans is rated moderately. Kaiser Permanente is given a 4.5 out of 5 rating by Consumer Affairs. This evaluation was based primarily on 2,100 ratings with an average rating of 4 or 5.
Financial strength rating-Five star (5) How fast and efficiently claims are resolved depends on how financially stable a health insurance organization is. This indicator assesses the security of investments, annual earnings, and claim settlements. The rating was determined based on Kaiser Permanente’s A+ rating from A.M. Best.
Coverage rating-Four stars (4) Kaiser HSA plan reviews reveal how simple it is to access care with a Kaiser plan. It evaluates the sorts of policies that are offered, the accessibility of protection, and the number of medical doctors and specialists that take your insurance.
Value Rating-Four point eight star (4.8) The value assessment reveals that Kaiser Permanente’s plans provide greater value than those of other medical coverage providers. Your insurance premiums, deductibles, cost-sharing commitments, and annual out-of-pocket maximum are considered while making this estimate.


How Much Is Kaiser Insurance Out-Of-Pocket?

The most money you’ve ever spent out of pocket for insurance coverage. As soon as you do, your coverage will cover the total cost of all eligible treatments.

How Much Does Kaiser Insurance Cost Each Month?

According to the Affordable Care Act marketplace, a Kaiser Permanente health plan typically costs $381 for those under 30, $482 monthly for people over 40, and $599 per month for those over 50.

How Is Kaiser Different From Other Insurance?

The Permanente Group physicians make all healthcare choices independently, unlike typical insurance, where doctors are independent contractors who must first receive authorization from an insurance provider. The insurance provider, Kaiser, does not have to permit them.

Where Does Kaiser Rank In Healthcare?

Regarding treatment and service, the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center has risen from 30th to 34th in the rankings from 2021 to 22 to 20th within California & 34th nationally.

Who Is Better, Aetna or Kaiser?

Compared to Kaiser Permanente, Aetna is a substantially bigger insurance provider, but size sometimes equates to quality. Kaiser Permanente and Aetna compare favorably in user ratings on Leading Companies. Kaiser Permanente, however, has a significantly better rating. Aetna has a minor edge over (Kaiser Permanente reviews) because it has a smaller percentage of reviews with one star.

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What type of health plan are you looking for?

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