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Although the world has evolved to a point where most people can get shelter for themselves, there are still many people struggling with accommodation issues. Some of them have to sleep in their cars, squat with friends, or sleep outside, well that’s bad right? Homelessness is a challenge to society, one that has many repercussions and challenges to society and the individual respectively. Whether or not a homeless person has enough food to eat, their health is always threatened. So, they should have a homeless health insurance plan.

Starting from the unhealthy environment, they’d be forced to reside at risk of mortality due to exposure. Homeless people go through a lot. They are exposed to all manner of diseases and to make it worse, their access to quality health is impaired.

The shelter is one of the most important needs of a person. So important that some people will starve to be able to afford a place to stay. And so, it is only logical to say that a homeless person will most likely be unable to afford the expenses of health or even health insurance premiums making it very difficult for them.

Due to the exposed nature of a homeless person’s existence, he or she is exposed to diseases like epilepsy, hypertension, obstructive pulmonary diseases, muscular and skeletal disorder, mental illness etc. Also, the risk of substance abuse and crime is high amongst these sets of individuals.

The majority of homeless people do not have health insurance for homeless people and most of them cannot afford quality healthcare. The fact that they are more susceptible and have high medical needs means that some of them lose their lives as they try to survive. This lack of health insurance for the homeless is mostly because they cannot afford it although certain nonfinancial barriers might be encountered.

One of the non-financial barriers is competition. Since most homeless people cannot afford healthcare or healthcare insurance, they have to settle for free health insurance for homeless people which are mostly overcrowded by other homeless people as well as low-income earners.

Some homeless individuals also face stigmatization from healthcare professionals making them withdrawn. If free health insurance for homeless people is not provided, it affects society and might even give rise to a pandemic or epidemic.


Health Insurance Options Available For Homeless People

Healthcare insurance for homeless people is faced with so many limitations, ranging from structural barriers to financial difficulties as well as, other factors that are prioritized over health.

Factors like food and shelter are mostly held with much more value, each means that health insurance for the homeless always comes last. The fact that healthcare providers sometimes discriminate among homeless people makes healthcare more beyond reach for the homeless.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has however tried to tackle the issue of healthcare insurance for the homeless by expanding the eligibility for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Since homeless individuals are mostly low-income earners or financially incapacitated, they now have access to Medicaid based on their financial hurdles.

With the help of the Affordable Health Care expansion, over 14 million low-income earners have been able to gain access to free medical care for homeless people, especially the young ones. Apart from making homeless people eligible for Medicaid, Obamacare also tries to solve the issue of homelessness. This is because homelessness is not a societal norm that society should adjust to but a problem that can be eradicated.

The Medicaid expansion and online Medicaid Marketplace have greatly improved the accessibility of health insurance in the United States. This means that once your financial strength is less than a certain amount, you’d be able to apply for Medicaid for free medical care for homeless people from the comfort of your home.

The expansion of Medicaid has greatly affected the accessibility of health for homeless individuals and the fact that this program also tries to solve the issue of homelessness by helping people get temporary and permanent shelters makes it more interesting.


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Medicaid Eligibility For Homeless People

The advent of Medicaid has greatly helped to solve the problem of health insurance for some low-income earners and homeless people. Now, even with the vulnerability associated with homelessness, you can access quality healthcare and healthcare insurance.

However, Medicaid and any other health insurance program under the Affordable Care Act have certain requirements that must be met before an individual can access them. These requirements help to screen candidates, making sure they are eligible for this subsidized coverage.

There are several factors upon which the eligibility of Medicaid and other subsidized health insurance coverages lie. Some of these factors include average income, citizenship or emigration status, state of residence, age, and marital status amongst others. Almost any individual is considered for a Medicaid program but only the elect will be cleared.

However, homelessness is one of the key factors that enable eligibility for the Medicaid program. As a homeless person, below are certainly other factors that would determine whether you are eligible for a Medicaid program in your state of residence.

  • Whether or not you are homeless, you are eligible if your earnings based on the Federal Poverty Level scale should be less than 133% when you are not older than 19 years of age.

However, some state governments provide Medicaid and CHIP services for children with incomes that are slightly more than 133%.

  • You are also eligible if you are above 19 years and your annual earnings are less than 133% of the Federal Poverty Level provided your state of residence has expanded Medicaid for adults.
  • Youth under the age of 26 who have been previously enrolled in Medicaid under a Foster Care system are eligible if they have been aged out of the foster care system.
  • Homeless pregnant or nursing women, as well as parenting individuals, are also deemed eligible.
  • Homeless people with certain disabilities are also eligible.

We must know healthy financially stable youths are mostly not eligible for Medicaid even though they are homeless. However, if their household incomes fall between 100-400% of the Federal Poverty Level, they may be able to get the financial aid that would aid them in purchasing medical insurance for homeless people.

Also, youths under 26 may still benefit from their family insurance if they are still connected with their parents even though they might not be staying physically with them.


Benefits Of Medicaid Expansion To Homeless Health Insurance

 Before the era of Medicaid expansion, so many individuals could not access quality healthcare insurance because of their financial status, location, or disability. This has led to limitations in society and increased deaths due to a lack of quality healthcare were recorded.

But today, with the help of the Affordable Care Act and the constant effort made by policymakers and researchers, healthcare has been greatly enhanced and homeless health insurance quotes made accessible.

One of the key advancements that have made health more effective is the expansion of Medicaid. This expansion has given health opportunities to the vulnerable, financially unstable, and homeless individuals in society.

Apart from the accessibility, Medicaid has done some vital health insurance enhancements to ensure a smooth medical journey for everyone, homeless or not.


Better Patient Coverage

Before the ACA was implemented in 2010 about 60% of United States residents were uninsured, creating a very large gap in the health sector. These uninsured residents all had different excuses and at that time almost all homeless people were uninsured too. But, since Obamacare approved Medicaid, a large number of individuals without medical insurance for homeless people have been insured.

Based on a recent survey, states with Homeless Health Insurance Medicaid programs have a lesser percentage of uninsured individuals compared to states that haven’t implemented the program. It is safe to say Medicaid has successfully improved health insurance coverage although this coverage is not distributed evenly mostly because of its eligibility and terms.

In areas with immense competition, eligibility might not mean automatic enrollment because there is usually a quota that cannot be exceeded. Still, every community can further expand and eliminate factors that might be barriers to Medicaid and other health insurance policies.

However, due to Medicaid expansion, homeless residents can now enjoy the privileges of health insurance like every other normal citizen through Medicaid.


Increased Resources For Health Care Providers

The expansion of Medicaid has greatly affected the quality of healthcare that the homeless receive. This is because the expansion has increased the allocated resources leading to a more effective service by the health professionals.

By increasing resources, Medicaid expansion has also helped to proffer solutions to the issue of stereotypes and discrimination by medical practitioners against homeless people.

This is because more staff are employed, more rooms are created and the work is less stressful for the health practitioners leading to a more passionate operation.


Increased Dignity And Inclusion

Medicaid expansion has helped many homeless people rediscover themselves and it has created a certain pride and satisfaction amongst them. Most times, homeless people are often segregated and rebuffed for not having homeless health insurance quotes by medical practitioners.

This creates a heavy burden for the person and sometimes leads to depression, suicide and even crime. But, with the help of Medicaid homeless people now feel like they belong to the ety and this has helped not just their personal development but the development of society at large.


Improved Access To Services And Quality Of Care

With the help of Medicaid, a homeless person can live in sound health. This is basically because of the services and privileges they enjoy. With Medicaid, there are a lot of health services that would be at the disposal of the individual.

Apart from the enormous health insurance services, House Care Home services with flexible appointment schedules, reduced paperwork and zero copayments are also made available to further assist the homeless on their quest to secure good medical insurance for homeless people.

Medicaid services like prescription and close monitoring have helped reduce cases of substance abuse, and mental illness is very common amongst the homeless. Also, cancer treatments and treatments for grave illnesses are readily available.

With Medicaid’s endless supply and equipment, it is also easier to run checks and tests. Rehabilitative care and hospice are also available for the homeless that have lost their ways or need immense care.


Better Addresses Social Determinants Of Health

Most homeless people have dire financial needs apart from health, I mean they don’t even have a place to lay their heads. These needs are however tackled by Medicaid. Although we all know Medicaid to be a health-based insurance company, that doesn’t stop it from extending its services beyond medicine.

Medicaid helps in certain provisions like accommodations and sometimes food, although this is very rare. Notwithstanding, the reduced deductibles help homeless people focus their finances on other expenses like feeding and clothing.

Based on a recent study, the Medicaid expansion to homeless people is said to have greatly reduced crime rates, unpaid medical bills, the number of loans collected annually etc. This is no small feat especially when you realize that Medicaid is also partnering with housing companies to help solve the issue of homelessness for individuals in need.

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Services Covered By Medicaid For Homeless Health Insurance

According to Obamacare certain Medicaid services are non-negotiable Irrespective of the state’s policy. These services are known as essential health benefits and they might include traditional health and medical services.

Some of these services important to people experiencing homelessness include;

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Primary care and specialist
  • Hospital visits
  • Treatment of mental illness and substance use disorder
  • Surgical procedures
  • Prescription of drugs
  • Reproductive health services for pregnant women
  • Rehabilitative services

These services, however, differ by gender or age, which means that the Medicaid benefits for individuals younger than 21 are slightly different for those above 21.

Other services that are covered by Medicaid for homeless health insurance quotes include:

  • Outpatient hospital visits and inpatient care
  • Laboratory and x-ray services
  • Primary care and specialist visits
  • Preventive services include mental health and substance abuse treatment and prescription
  • Family planning


How To Apply For Homeless Health Insurance

The Internet and technology have made it quite easy to apply for Medicaid and many other insurance policies. But, before you apply, it is ideal that you check if you’re eligible for the offer, if you’re not, it’d be a waste of time. So, get free quotes at NewHealthInsurance and apply for it.

If you are unfamiliar with Medicaid requirements and eligibility, or you want to be sure, you can connect with a professional by calling their helplines (1-800-318-2596 TTY: 1-855-889-4325) or visiting their website ( and chatting with their customer care online. When you’re sure of your eligibility you can apply via the site or call their helpline for further directions.

Below are some tips that might help you understand the dynamics of Medicaid healthcare insurance if you wish to apply.

  • Most homeless people have issues with the permanent address to use since they don’t have a home. Well, you can use a trusted friend or an assistant’s address.
  • Homeless youths will receive assistance and health insurance for homeless youth easily when they use paper applications although it is easier and more direct to apply with phones or computers.
  • Medicaid does not have any open enrollment deadlines.
  • There is no time frame or window for Medicaid assistance since you apply anytime throughout the year.


Homeless Health Insurance Plans FAQs

Can You Get Medicaid If You Are Homeless?

Well, this depends solely on your eligibility. If you are eligible for the Medicaid offer you seek, your homelessness should not be a barrier. Although, most programs will try to sort out your accommodation issue before giving you health homeless insurance.

Also, some homeless people can afford health insurance premiums, so they need Medicaid. If you however qualify for Hardship according to Obamacare, you should be able to get a health homeless insurance plan via Medicaid.

So, if you’re homeless and you have the funds, you can apply for health insurance for homeless people without any fuss but, if you are poor and you are homeless, you can apply for Medicaid to see if you are eligible.

How To Apply For Medicaid If You Are Homeless?

 Applying for Medicaid as a homeless person is an easy process normally but the eligibility is what matters. So many eligible people have missed out because of the Lack of proper guidance and advice.

Hence, to apply for Medicaid as a homeless person, ensure you seek help from healthcare personnel. They would not just guide you towards taking the best plan, they would also help you access your eligibility giving you extra tips that would aid your eligibility if you are not.

However, if you are sure of your eligibility and you know everything you need to know, you could just visit the Medicaid official site or walk up to their office near you to enroll.

Can A Homeless Person Get Medicaid In NC?

Health is always a necessity and so whether or not you have a place to lay your head, you always have access to quality healthcare and healthcare insurance.

Medicaid requires that the beneficiaries have financial issues and that they are unable to settle their bills efficiently, homeless people mostly fit into this category. In North Carolina and almost every other US state, Medicare is readily available.

Can you get Medicaid in Florida if you are homeless?

Not only does Medicaid give free health insurance for homeless people in Florida but, they also support and promote that helps to solve housing issues. This means you get your insurance via Medicaid, and the company in conjunction with other companies might provide a shelter for you.

Florida residents with mental issues and substance use disorder are also given shelter if they are homeless as well as access to Medicaid privileges.

Do Homeless Americans Get Free Healthcare?

Healthcare for the Homeless (HCH) and sometimes, Medicaid help in covering all the premiums of a homeless person’s insurance. These programs are designed basically for homeless people’s health.

You can receive services such as primary health care services and substance abuse rehabilitation. With the help of community health centers and other government-owned facilities, free medical care for homeless people is dissipated in Florida and some

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