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Though a beautiful journey, marriage can sometimes be fraught with challenges and obstacles. In such times, couples often turn to marriage counseling or therapy to strengthen their bonds and overcome difficulties. However, the cost of couples therapy can be a concern for many. Does health insurance cover marriage counseling? This question often crosses the minds of individuals seeking treatment to mend their relationships.

This comprehensive manual will teach you everything about health insurance coverage for marriage counseling. We will address whether health insurance covers marriage counseling and explore various aspects, including the cost of couples therapy, insurance providers that cover treatment, and alternatives for those without Insurance. Let’s embark on this journey to understand better how health insurance can alleviate the financial burden of marriage counseling.

Understanding the Basics of Marriage Counseling

Before we delve into the intricacies of health insurance coverage for marriage counseling, it’s essential to understand what marriage counseling is and why couples seek it.

Marriage counseling, often called couples therapy or couples Counselling, is a type of therapy that is meant to help people. Teams address and resolve conflicts within their relationships. These conflicts can range from communication issues and financial disputes to more complex problems like infidelity or differences in life goals.

Couples therapy typically involves sessions with a trained therapist or counselor who helps couples identify and work through their issues, facilitating open and productive communication. The goal is to improve the relationship and equip teams with the tools to maintain a healthy, harmonious partnership.

Does Health Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

Let’s address the central question: Does health insurance cover marriage counseling?

The answer is more than a simple yes or no, as it depends on several factors, including the insurance provider, the specific plan, and the nature of the counseling. To provide a clearer picture, let’s break down the key points:

a. Insurance Provider:

The first step is to speak with your insurance company to find out if they offer coverage for marriage counseling. Different insurance companies have varying policies and plans, and some may include counseling services in their coverage.

b. Plan Type:

Even if your insurance provider offers marriage counseling coverage, it may depend on your specific plan. Reviewing your policy details to ascertain what is covered and to what extent is crucial. Some plans may cover a limited number of sessions, while others may cover the total cost.

c. Nature of Counseling:

The type of counseling or therapy you seek also matters. Some insurance plans may cover counseling for specific troubles with your mental health, like depression or worry, while others may extend coverage to broader relationship or family counseling.

d. Medical Necessity:

In some cases, insurance companies may require evidence of medical necessity to cover marriage counseling. This means that the counseling may need to be deemed essential for the mental well-being of one or both individuals in the relationship.

To get precise information regarding your insurance coverage, it’s advisable to contact your insurance provider directly. They can provide details about the extent of coverage, copayments or deductibles, and any requirements that must be met.

How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost?

Whether your Insurance covers marriage counseling or not, understanding the cost of couples therapy is crucial for making an informed decision. Getting care can cost a lot of different amounts—several factors including location, therapist qualifications, and the duration of sessions.

Let’s delve into some factors that influence the cost of couples therapy:

a. Location:

The cost of couples therapy can significantly differ based on your location. It is more likely to cost more for therapy in cities than in rural places.

b. Therapist Qualifications:

The qualifications and experience of the therapist or counselor can also impact the cost. Highly experienced therapists may charge higher fees.

c. Session Duration:

The duration of each therapy session can vary, typically ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. Longer sessions may come with higher fees.

d. Frequency of Sessions:

The frequency of sessions, whether weekly or bi-weekly, will contribute to the overall cost. More frequent sessions will naturally increase the expenditure.

On average, couples therapy can range from $75 to $200 or more per session. Still, it’s essential to research local therapy providers and their fees to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific circumstances.

Insurance Providers That Cover Marriage Counseling

If you’re looking for insurance providers that cover marriage counseling, here’s a list of some well-known providers that may offer such coverage:

a. Anthem:

Anthem, one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the United States, often includes coverage for mental health services, which may extend to marriage counseling.

b. Cigna:

Cigna offers various health insurance plans that often cover mental health services, including marriage counseling.

c. UnitedHealthcare:

UnitedHealthcare is another primary insurance provider that may offer coverage for mental health services and marriage counseling.

d. Aetna:

Aetna’s health insurance plans frequently include coverage for mental health treatment, which may encompass marriage counseling.

e. Blue Cross Blue Shield:

Many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans cover mental health services, including marriage counseling.

Please note that the availability of marriage counseling coverage may still vary depending on your specific plan with these providers. It’s crucial to contact your insurance company directly to understand the details of your coverage.

Does Insurance cover Family Therapy?

While we’ve primarily discussed marriage counseling, it’s essential to recognize that family therapy is another valuable form, especially for families facing challenges that affect multiple members. Family therapy aims to help family members talk to each other and get along better.

Like marriage counseling, the coverage of family therapy by health insurance can vary based on the factors mentioned earlier, such as insurance provider, plan type, and medical necessity. Many insurance providers extend coverage to family therapy, but you should check with your specific provider for detailed information.

Alternatives for Those Without Insurance

For individuals without health insurance or those whose Insurance doesn’t cover marriage counseling, there are still options to access counseling services. Here are some alternatives to consider:

a. Sliding Scale Fees:

Many therapists and counseling centers offer sliding scale fees, which means the cost of therapy is adjusted based on your income. This can make counseling more affordable for those with limited financial resources.

b. Nonprofit Organizations:

Some nonprofit organizations and community centers provide free or low-cost counseling services to needy individuals and couples.

c. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs):

If you’re employed, check if your workplace offers an EAP. EAPs often provide access to counseling services at no cost or a reduced fee for employees and their families.

d. Online Counseling Services:

In recent years, online counseling platforms have become increasingly popular. These services offer convenient and affordable options for remote therapy.

e. Local Universities and Training Centers:

Some universities and counseling training centers offer low-cost counseling services students provide under licensed professionals’ supervision.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s address some common questions related to health insurance coverage for marriage counseling and related topics:

Q1: How can I check if my Insurance covers marriage counseling?

A1: Contact your insurance provider directly to determine whether your Insurance covers marriage counseling. They can provide you with specific information about your plan’s coverage.

Q2: Does Medicare or Medicaid cover marriage counseling?

A2: Medicare and Medicaid may cover some mental health services, including marriage counseling, but eligibility and coverage details can vary. You should check with your local Medicare or Medicaid office for information about your situation.

Q3: What if my Insurance doesn’t cover marriage counseling?

A3: If your Insurance doesn’t cover marriage counseling, consider alternative options, such as sliding scale fees, nonprofit organizations, employee assistance programs, or online counseling services.

Q4: How many sessions of marriage counseling are typically covered by Insurance?

A4: The number of sessions covered by Insurance can vary. Some plans may cover a limited number, while others offer more extensive coverage. Review your plan’s details for this information.

Q5: Are there any online resources for free relationship advice or self-help in improving relationships?

A5: Yes, numerous online resources, articles, and self-help materials guide on improving relationships. However, remember that professional counseling may be necessary for more complex issues.


Navigating the realm of marriage counseling and health insurance coverage can be a complex process. Still, it’s essential to understand your options and seek the help you need to maintain a healthy and harmonious relationship. While health insurance coverage for marriage counseling is possible, it often depends on your insurance provider and the specific plan you hold. Additionally, there are various alternatives available for those without insurance coverage.

Remember to contact your insurance provider, explore local resources, and consider the options that align with your specific needs and financial situation. Ultimately, marriage counseling aims to strengthen relationships, and a clearer understanding of your insurance coverage can help ease some of the financial pressures that come with this helpful service.

In conclusion, take the first step to secure your relationship’s future by exploring your health insurance options. Get free quotes at and invest in your love story today.

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