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The bronze, silver, and gold non-HSA plans are offered by Bridgespan Health Insurance Company and the Bridgespan Exchange HSA, a health savings account (HSA) certified plan. The number of Bridgespan Health Insurance reviews could be a lot higher. However, the premiums for Bridgespan Health Insurance can be readily paid through various methods, including online.

As a result of the Affordability Care Act for Patients, BridgeSpan is a relatively new health insurance firm active in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. They are putting in the groundwork to launch a novel kind of health insurance company that will provide policyholders with various options and supplemental advantages.

What exactly is this BridgeSpan: Bridgespan health insurance reviews

BridgeSpan was one of many businesses that began operations around the same time in 2012 in direct answer to the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent shifts it brought about in the health insurance industry. BridgeSpan was established in 2012. Cambia Health Solutions is the parent business of BridgeSpan, an associate of Cambia Health Solutions. Cambia, a large healthcare provider affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield and formerly known as The Regence Group, has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Cambia was formerly known as The Regence Group. The new moniker was adopted in the year 2013.

Currently, residents of the following four states can purchase BridgeSpan products: Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. Salt Lake City is home to the firm’s headquarters in Utah. Health plans can be acquired during open enrollment periods and special enrollment for people who have experienced a qualifying life event through marketplace websites.

Standard, Bronze, Silver, and Bridgespan offer a variety of health insurance plans with names like Gold. All of them are offered a selection of deductibles and health insurance coverage levels.

What different kinds of insurance do you have available at BridgeSpan?

Considering the findings of the Bridgespan health insurance reviews, the policies on offer conform to the requirements of the ACA and allow policyholders a variety of options from which to select. Adjustments can be made to some programs better to fit the needs of particular consumers’ financial situations. These modifications include the employment of a Health Savings Account (HSA), the availability of multiple options for deductibles, and the selection of numerous coverage options.

Plans That The HSA Accepts.

The BridgeSpan Exchange HSA is a health savings account (HSA) for BridgeSpan qualifies. This option is available to users at both the Bronze and Silver levels, and depending on where you live, you have a few different choices regarding the network you connect to. Customers have access to a selection of HSA plans, each with a unique range of deductibles from which to pick. Deductibles may also differ from one state to the next.

Plans That Are Not HSAs

  • Standard Bronze plan, Silver plan, & Gold Plan
  • Exchange Silver Plan and Gold Plan

These plans can vary from state to state and are also made available with various networks, allowing customers to select the alternative with their most desired service providers. Programs for individuals and plans for groups can be established with the assistance of BridgeSpan insurance.

Dentistry and Optometry

Depending on the state, BridgeSpan Health company provides coverage for dental and vision expenses with some of its plans. They give an option to include dental and vision coverage for people who do not already have it. The protection is provided by LifeMap, another entity that falls under the umbrella of the Cambia group.

Which different kinds of networks can BridgeSpan support?

The networks’ specifications with which BridgeSpan is compatible are defined by the state where you acquire coverage. BridgeSpan is compatible with a wide variety of different networks. Those who have dealt with these networks in the context of other kinds of insurance policies may be familiar with some of these networks.

Utah Options:

  • RealValue

Options for Oregon:

  • RealValue Options

Options in Washington include:

  • UW Medicine Network
  • EverGreen Health Partners
  • MultiCare Health System Network
  • PeaceHealth
  • The Everett Clinic
  • Providence-Swedish Health
  • The Evergreen Clinic
  • RealValue and Simple Connect Network

Using the search function on the corporate website, members can browse for physicians and determine if hospitals, clinics, and various providers and specializations are part of or not part of the network.

What kinds of perks does BridgeSpan group offer to its customers?

BridgeSpan claims it will give more than the standard treatments and benefits of a health insurance plan. Health insurance firms provide various health plans, some of which are relatively prevalent while others are less so.

Here is a list of the several advantages that are accessible to customers:

  • Healthcare case management for patients with severe health conditions
  • A nurse advice hotline is open 24/7.
  • Chronic condition management, which provides assistance and support for people who have a long-term health problem
  • Wellcoach, a weight reduction and healthy lifestyle coaching program; special starts, maternity care, and support program.
  • Claims auditing aid for patients.
  • Various price reductions on 
  • Various health-related goods and services include Lasik eye surgery, health club memberships, and other health-related goods and services.

Are BridgeSpan’s prices within a fair range? Bridgespan health insurance reviews

Like other health insurance plans, BridgeSpan plans vary in cost depending on the policyholder’s location, the level of deductible selected, the type of coverage chosen, and the number of people living in the household.

Due to the numerous different factors that go into deciding the cost of health insurance, it is hard to make a comparison based solely on the premiums of the various health insurance plans. At least in the state of Oregon, where a public interest group published an article in 2014 regarding the corporation’s request for a fee hike, research shows that there has been some concern about the pricing at BridgeSpan.

BridgeSpan gives customers a variety of choices for making payments., and one of those options is the capability to make payments automatically through the website. The online customer portal allows customers to monitor their expenses and access information about their plans.

Are there any complaints lodged against BridgeSpan by its customers?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there isn’t much in the way of user feedback 

accessible for BridgeSpan, considering the company has only been operational for a few years. The business has not been there long enough to establish a reputation, especially compared to the more well-known healthcare providers.

What should we take away from Bridgespan health insurance reviews?

Even though BridgeSpan is a relatively new healthcare company delivering a new set of plans, they have the support of a significant health insurance provider known as Cambia, which safeguards its stability and provides additional strength as a business.

They probably deserve attention in comparing health plans; nonetheless, it will be vital to check on the provider network because it is typical for more modern intends to have a smaller list of accessible alternatives.

Very little information can be found regarding the company’s reputation, and very few Bridgespan health reviews can assist in determining things like customer service; however, this may change with time.


What kind of protection does BridgeSpan provide?

Your budget and way of life can be considered when designing a health insurance plan that BridgeSpan Health provides. We offer individuals and families a more powerful voice in health care by providing modern, user-friendly internet tools. We are committed to being your partner in health care, and as such, we are attempting to make your comprehension of the many facets of health care and insurance more straightforward.

Is BridgeSpan regence going to be together?

Cambia Health Solutions is a Portland-based organization that provides charitable medical care and has its headquarters in Oregon. It is the parent company of The Regence, a Blue Cross Blue Shield Association subsidiary, and operates in Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Washington; BridgeSpan Health; LifeMap and Asuris Northwest Health; and. 

Who exactly is the owner of BridgeSpan?

Cambia Health Solutions is one of BridgeSpan Health’s affiliated organizations.

Where can I find the BridgeSpan Health facility?

It offers six different health plans nationwide and has more than two million people enrolled in those programs. On the state-run health insurance markets of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, individual and family health insurance policies are made available through BridgeSpan Health, established in 2012. (or marketplaces).

Which health insurance provider has received the highest overall ratings?

Blue Cross On our shortlist of the best health insurance companies for 2022, Blue Shield came out on top as our top choice overall. The insurance company enjoys high third-party ratings, maintains competitive premiums, and offers comprehensive coverage choices.

What exactly is the Oregon BridgeSpan?

Your budget and way of life can be considered when signing a health insurance plan that BridgeSpan Health provides. We offer individuals and families a more powerful voice in health care by providing modern, user-friendly internet tools.

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