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Healthcare professionals, especially travel nurses, constantly move, providing critical care across different locations. While the flexibility of this career is appealing, it can also pose challenges regarding health insurance. Travel nurses need reliable coverage that adapts to their transient lifestyle. This comprehensive guide will explore the best health insurance for travel nurses, including private health insurance and PPO plans. We’ll also delve into the top health insurance companies in this niche, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to choose your healthcare needs.

Understanding Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

Health insurance for travel nurses is a crucial aspect of their career, providing peace of mind and access to quality healthcare services. But finding your way around the complicated world of insurance can be challenging. Let’s simplify the process by breaking down the key components and options available.

Best Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

When searching for the best health insurance for travel nurses, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Coverage Area:

Travel nurses often work in different states or countries. Look for health insurance plans that offer nationwide or international coverage, ensuring you’re protected no matter where your assignments take you.


Since travel nursing assignments vary in duration, flexibility is crucial. Opt for insurance plans that allow you to change or cancel coverage without hefty penalties. Short-term health insurance plans might be a suitable choice for those who anticipate frequent changes in their assignments.

 In-Network Providers:

Check the plan’s healthcare services network to ensure you can get quality care during your assignments. Some programs may have a limited network, which can be a drawback for travel nurses.


Evaluate each plan’s monthly premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. While choosing the cheapest option is tempting, consider your healthcare needs and the potential costs of care in different locations.

Additional Benefits:

Some health insurance plans offer additional perks such as dental and vision coverage, mental health services, and wellness programs. These can be valuable additions to your policy.

Pre-Existing Conditions:

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, ensure the plan covers them. Some insurers may exclude certain conditions or impose waiting periods.

Private Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

Private health insurance can be an excellent choice for travel nurses who want more control over their coverage. Here’s why it may be the right option for you:


Private health insurance plans often allow you to make your service fit your needs. You can select the deductibles, coverage limits, and additional benefits that suit your lifestyle.

 Provider Choice:

Private insurance gives you more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers. This can be especially advantageous for travel nurses, as you may need care in various locations.


Private health insurance is typically more portable than employer-sponsored plans. You can keep the same coverage even when changing jobs or assignments.


While private health insurance may have higher monthly premiums than some employer-sponsored plans, the flexibility and customization options can outweigh the cost difference for many travel nurses.

Best PPO Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health insurance plan is another attractive option for travel nurses. Here’s why it might be the right fit for you:

 Network Flexibility:

PPO plans offer a broad network of healthcare providers, allowing you to choose your doctors and specialists. This is essential for travel nurses who move frequently.

 Out-of-Network Coverage:

PPO plans to provide coverage for out-of-network care at a higher cost. This can be advantageous when you find yourself in areas with limited in-network providers.

Referrals Not Required:

Unlike Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, PPOs do not require referrals to see specialists. This streamlined process can benefit travel nurses seeking specialized care on short notice.

 Coverage While Traveling:

PPO plans often provide coverage across state lines, making them ideal for travel nurses. You can maintain consistent coverage regardless of your location.

Top Health Insurance Companies for Travel Nurses

Now that we’ve explored the types of health insurance plans available let’s look at some top health insurance companies catering to travel nurses’ unique needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS):

BCBS is known for its extensive network of healthcare providers, making it a popular choice for travel nurses. They offer various PPO and HMO plans, allowing you to select the one that suits your preferences.


Aetna has many different health insurance plans, such as POs and high-deductible options. Their nationwide network ensures you can access care wherever your assignments take you.


Cigna is renowned for its international coverage, making it an excellent choice for overseas travel nurses. They offer comprehensive health insurance plans with added medical and mental health care insurance.


UnitedHealthcare provides flexible health insurance options, including short-term plans suitable for travel nurses. Their extensive network ensures you access quality care, even when you’re on the move.

Kaiser Permanente:

If you prefer an HMO plan with a more localized focus, Kaiser Permanente might be a suitable choice. They have strong networks in certain regions, making it convenient for travel nurses based in those areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best health insurance for nurses who move around a lot?

The best health insurance for travel nurses depends on your specific needs and preferences. When choosing the right plan, Consider coverage area, flexibility, in-network providers, cost, additional benefits, and pre-existing condition coverage.

Is private health insurance a good option for travel nurses?

Yes, private health insurance can be an excellent choice for travel nurses. It offers customization, provider choice, portability, and flexibility that align with the dynamic nature of travel nursing.

What are the benefits of having PPO health insurance? travel nurses?

PPO health insurance provides advantages such as a broad network of healthcare providers, out-of-network coverage, no requirement for referrals to see specialists, and coverage while traveling. These features make PPO plans well-suited for travel nurses.

How do I find a health insurance plan that covers my pre-existing conditions?

When searching for health insurance, inquire about each plan’s policy on pre-existing conditions. Some insurers may cover pre-existing conditions, while others may impose waiting periods or exclusions. Review the plan’s terms and conditions to ensure your specific needs are met.

Can I change my health insurance plan during my travel nursing assignments?

Many health insurance plans allow you to change or cancel coverage, especially short-term goals. However, it’s essential to understand the plan’s terms and any associated costs or penalties for making changes.

Are there health insurance options for travel nurses working internationally?

Yes, some health insurance companies, like Cigna, offer international coverage, making them suitable for overseas travel nurses. Choosing a plan that provides the necessary coverage for your international assignments is crucial.


Health insurance is vital for travel nurses, ensuring they have access to quality healthcare while on the move. When searching for the best health insurance plan, weigh factors like coverage area, flexibility, provider choice, cost, and additional benefits. Private health insurance and PPO plans offer valuable options for travel nurses, allowing them to tailor their coverage to meet their unique needs.

Furthermore, several reputable health insurance companies cater to travel nurses, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, and Kaiser Permanente. Each of these companies offers a range of plans designed to accommodate the dynamic lifestyle of travel nurses.

Ultimately, the right health insurance plan for you depends on your circumstances and preferences. Take the time to research and compare options to make an informed decision that ensures you have the coverage you need throughout your travel nursing career.

Remember that the healthcare landscape is essential to know what’s new because things are constantly changing. Offerings and changes in the insurance industry to make the most of your healthcare coverage as a travel nurse.

In conclusion, your health matters, and so does your peace of mind. Take the next step towards securing the right health insurance for your travel nursing journey. Get free quotes today at and embark on a worry-free adventure!

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