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It isn’t easy to get the best health insurance companies in Texas due to the increased expenses over the years. The population and demand are issues that make it more difficult to get an appropriate insurance quote.

Here we will talk about the best health insurance companies in Texas, their merits and what you stand to gain by getting a quote from these companies. You can also search the proximity to where you reside for better accessibility.

Texas Healthcare resource is amongst the largest healthcare systems in the United States regarding the number of patients served. There is a large non-profit and profit healthcare network that helps manage the healthcare of thousands of US citizens around the axis. Here we will talk about the best Texas health insurance.

Reviews of Best Health Insurance Companies in Texas

We at NewHealthInsurance did market research and listed the best health insurance companies in Texas. Check our reviews, get free quotes, and purchase your health insurance plan from the best health insurance companies in the state of Texas.


★  Oscar Health Insurance Company

This is a health insurance company that focuses more on technological advancements. As one of the best health insurance companies in Texas, this company uses technological mediums to administer quality healthcare services. Ranging from its 24/7 online consultations to its licensed medical staff, this company helps you to get in touch with a health professional within 10 minutes or less.


  • Easy to access
  • Lesser cost due to technological coverage
  • You can get medical attention in less than 12 minutes of your complaint
  • This company collaborates with other hospitals; hence, it can provide various medical functions.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Organ transplant
  • Effective drug prescription services.
  • Cancer Care and Hospice.


The Oscar car health insurance company is dispersed to a certain level with agencies in Pecos, Houston, San Antonio and Grand Prairie, Texas.

★  American Health Plans

American Health Plans is a national organisation in America that provides healthcare insurance services to citizens of the US, particularly in Texas and other states. They offer one of the best health insurance in Texas. The main goal of the American Health Plans insurance is to enhance healthcare coverage making it easier and more accessible.


  • There is a readily accessible medicare advantage plans
  • They have one of the best groups of employees that are friendly and efficient.
  • Effective checkup and drug prescription
  • Hospice services
  • Ambulance services and other forms of emergency
  • Out-patient clinical services


The American Health Plan Insurance Company is a private health insurance company with a branch in Frisco.

★  Humana Health Insurance Company

One of the several insurance companies operating in Texas is Humana. This company gives exquisite medicare services and family health insurance services too. Humana is ranked very high due to the authenticity of its services and several reviews too.


  • Plans like POS, PPO and HMO are available.
  • Dental and vision insurance coverage.
  • HIV/AIDS life services
  • Organ Transplants
  • Drug prescription
  • Ambulance services and other emergencies.
  • Hospice and other cancer care services


With its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, it has branches in Grapevine, San Antonio, Houston and Pasadena

★  Cigna Health Insurance Company

Cigna offers Health insurance plans required to protect individuals in times of emergency and other needs. They have health and accident plans that are unique. They launched the first-ever global accident plan (stand-alone global personal accident plan) in the world. This plan offers a very large coverage, and the availability is second to none. Also, their plans have a high percentage of flexibility and accountability.


  • They have one of the highest known insurance coverage due to their many branches and authentic online services.
  • Overall limits: Unless a lifetime limit is shown, this company covers a minimum cost.
  • In-patient treatment is readily available
  • Out-patient care is also administered
  • Cancer care is available.
  • Dental treatment for out-patients
  • Effective drug prescription
  • Hormone replacement therapies are available.


They have branches in San Antonio, Bedford, Houston, Harlingen, Plano, Irving, and Denison.

★  Golden Rule Insurance Company/United Health Care

This company collaborates with United Healthcare and has its headquarters in Indiana. They offer nearly all health insurance services ranging from drug prescription to hospice care, and outpatient healthcare services are also available. They have more than one branch in Texas, making it easy to access their services.


  • Efficient dentistry service
  • Exquisite communication with staff via their ever-available online helpline.
  • Efficient hospice service
  • They assist in Organ Transplant
  • They administer both in-patient and out-patient services.
  • You can buy health insurance that would last you a lifetime.


With its headquarters in Indiana, it has varial branches in Texas. These branches can be found in Fortworth, Pearland, Pentego and Missouri City in Texas.

Best Health Insurance Companies in Texas Verdict

Healthcare in Texas is deemed very efficient because of the vast number of health sectors and health insurance that can be acquired in Texas. Everyone needs a good health insurance quote to serve as a health backup. Check this out if you want to know about the best health insurance companies in the US

Do well to get a good health quote if you haven’t already. And if you’re not satisfied with the services of your current health service provider, there is always room for a change.

You can check our long-term health insurance guide to know more.

In conclusion, for personalized health insurance quotes tailored to your needs, visit and take the first step towards securing your health and financial well-being today.

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