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Are you in the market for health insurance and considering Ambetter? In this article, we provide you with a detailed review of Ambetter Health Insurance Reviews, including health insurance plans, providers, and customer reviews. We’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your health coverage.

Ambetter Health Insurance Reviews – An Overview

Ambetter Health Insurance is a popular choice for individuals and families seeking affordable healthcare coverage. Let’s dive into the specifics of Ambetter and see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Key points

  • On the Health Insurance Marketplace, Ambetter insurance is a cheap choice for health insurance.
  • Ambetter insurance plans have various names in each state it covers.
  • Ambetter gets a lot of negative feedback and needs to be better by customers.

Ambetter is a cheap health insurance alternative that is only accessible through the exchange created by the Affordable Care Act. Ambetter insurance is offered in 26 states and has incredibly low premiums. Although this business has received many unfavorable customer evaluations, some clients appear happy with their coverage. Consider your options when signing up for a health insurance plan with Ambetter. Contact a local expert in health insurance and compare prices to choose the best choice for your needs.

What is insurance from Ambetter?

Centene Corporation, a Fortune 25 firm founded in 1984, offers the Ambetter product line through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The country’s largest Medicaid managed care organization, Centene, has become more well-known as larger health insurance companies have started leaving the market in several states.

Ambetter offers health insurance solutions that different insurance firms offer on state markets rather than being a direct insurance provider. Ambetter collaborates with states to provide those who do not qualify for Medicaid or CHIP affordable health insurance coverage. Medicaid recipients can still sign up for additional coverage through Ambetter insurance.

Where can I buy Ambetter insurance?

Ambetter collaborates with health insurance providers in many states to provide health insurance at prices below the industry standard. Ambetter Insurance may go by many names depending on the form. Ambetter now provides service to 26 states but intends to add more conditions to Ambetter plans by 2024.

26 States Have Access to Better Health Insurance

The following states are included in the list:

· Arizona

· New Hampshire

· New Mexico

· New Jersey

· North Carolina

· Ohio

· Oklahoma

· Pennsylvania

· Tennessee

· South Carolina

· Texas

· Washington

· Michigan

· Mississippi

· Missouri

· Nebraska

· Nevada

· California

· Florida

· Illinois

· Georgia

· Indiana

· Kentucky

· Arkansas

· Kansas

· Louisiana

 (If you live in New York, use Fidelis Care insurance coverage via Centene Corporation.)

If you’re a resident of a state where Ambetter offers health insurance plans, you should learn the name of your state’s insurance provider. Finding in-network doctors will be simpler for you with this information. Having the state-specific firm name available is helpful since many doctors might need to be more familiar with Ambetter.

The company’s website lists the Ambetter insurance phone number, which you can use to contact them if needed. To find the correct phone number, you must select your state. To review plan details and access their digital ID cards, policyholders can log in to their Ambetter insurance account.

Health insurance plans that are better

Plans by Ambetter are generally agreeable. In terms of health insurance plans, Ambetter is at the bottom end. This indicates that even while the premiums may be reasonable, the deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses are generally higher than those of rival companies. Ambetter also collaborates with a very restricted group of medical professionals. You will have fewer options for medical care than you would with a more reputable health insurance company.

Ambetter offers typical tier-based plans in the Affordable Care Act’s bronze, silver, and gold levels. The Essential, Balanced, and Secure Ambetter tiers are referred to in that order. Add-on vision and dental care plans are available via Ambetter, which differs from other health insurance plans. Examine the pricing and coverage specifics for each tier using the example of a male 30-year-old residing in Ohio.

Enhanced Essential Care (Bronze)

The most affordable healthcare plan offered by Ambetter is Ambetter Essential Care. Essential Care plans’ deductible and out-of-pocket costs are the highest while having the lowest monthly premiums.

Enhanced Balanced Care (Silver)

The monthly rates and out-of-pocket costs offered by Ambetter Balanced Care plans are thoughtfully balanced.

Enhanced Security Care (Gold)

The Ambetter Secure Care, gold tier plans offer the most comprehensive coverage, with the lowest deductibles and out-of-pocket costs but the highest monthly premiums.

Ambetter Insurance Review: Pros and cons of Ambetter insurance

Overwhelmingly bad customer reviews about Ambetter can be found on numerous websites. Numerous negative Ambetter reviews highlight the few in-network doctors and constrained coverage possibilities. Additionally, many consumers are unhappy with Ambetter’s customer service agents and how they handle claims. Some doctors claim that it is challenging to get Ambetter insurance to compensate them for their services.

Since Ambetter isn’t truly an insurance company, the reviews for Ambetter’s health insurance may differ significantly depending on the insured’s state. Additionally, Ambetter has received varied ratings from the Better Business Bureau, ranging from A+ to D-, depending on the state-specific insurance (BBB). The BBB ratings for Ambetter insurance should be broken down by state so you can see how this business performs in your neighborhood.

Some unfavorable assessments may be better understood by looking deeper at Ambetter’s organizational structure. Ambetter is a line of health insurance, not an insurance company. Instead, people should learn the name of their state-specific Ambetter plan before searching for a doctor who accepts Ambetter. When dealing with pre-authorization paperwork and claims payments, giving your doctor your Ambetter agent’s phone number can be time-saving.

You can locate in-network doctors more quickly if you know your state’s specific Ambetter plan.

Some medical billing experts claim that only a few healthcare facilities know Ambetter. Ambetter’s Ohio insurance, Buckeye Health, is one illustration. The insured person should ensure the treating physician accepts patients from Buckeye Health, not simply Ambetter or Centene, before obtaining treatment at a facility in Ohio.

If a doctor is listed as covered on Ambetter’s website, insured people can look for that doctor online. They can learn that the practice doesn’t cooperate with Ambetter when they phone the doctor to confirm coverage. Even now and then, medical billing departments will assert that they have never heard of Ambetter insurance. Knowing your state’s Ambetter plan lets you quickly identify in-network doctors.

Ambetter is now a party to a class action lawsuit against Centene Corporation, the parent firm. Plaintiffs have charged Centene with operating a scam and offering false health insurance. This case was first filed in 2018 and is still pending.

Centene has settled claims of Medicaid overcharging with states and organizations to over $360 million over the past year. Due to charges of Medicaid fraud, CEO Michael Neidorff agreed to retire late last year.

What services does Ambetter’s health insurance cover?

Ambetter health insurance plans cover a wide range of medical needs, including: 

· Prescription drugs

· Mental and behavioral health services

· Maternity and newborn care

· 24/7 nurse advice line

· Telehealth services

· Integrated care management

· Rewards for healthy behaviors 

· Vision and dental care for adults.

The monthly premium for Ambetter Secure Care is more significant, but the out-of-pocket expenses are lower. In contrast, the premium for Ambetter Essential Care is cheaper, but the out-of-pocket costs are higher. The monthly tips and out-of-pocket costs for Ambetter Balanced Care are just right.

Ambetter App for Mobile

Ambetter doesn’t have a mobile app available right now. While many providers took their time implementing mobile apps, others reacted swiftly to customer demand for a specialized app that simplified managing accounts. Due to this, we grade businesses using a variety of criteria, including their mobile app offers.

User Advantages

Ambetter offers its members many perks in addition to low monthly payments. Because they don’t have to purchase separate policies, policyholders can save time and money if their plan covers vision and adult dental care.

Additionally, various advantages offer convenience. Ambetter enables policyholders to sign up for a mail-order pharmacy program and obtain free, round-the-clock telehealth services. A 24-hour nurse advice line is also available for guidance and health queries.

Additionally, Ambetter provides discounts on local gym memberships, meal delivery services, and other services through its perk program.

An improved user experience

The website for Ambetter is uncomplicated and straightforward to use. You may quickly obtain health insurance quotes from the website and compare the plans offered. Additionally, the website has several pieces of information that can assist you in figuring out how to balance your out-of-pocket expenses with your monthly premiums to choose the best plan for you.

Users who wish to quickly access their health insurance information on the go and in doctors’ offices may find it inconvenient that a mobile app is unavailable. An otherwise excellent user experience may be compromised by the volume of complaints Ambetter has received regarding its customer support.

Comparing Ambetter health insurance with its competitors: Is Ambetter health insurance any good?

Ambetter is competitive where it operates despite only being available in some states. The fact that some of Ambetter’s plans provide coverage for vision and adult dental care makes up for the company’s inexpensive monthly costs and wide range of plan options. These health insurance plans are also highly appealing due to their variety of benefits, especially when using telehealth services is commonplace.


My Health Pays Rewards, a nurse advise line, and Ambetter Telehealth, which connects clients with in-network specialists around-the-clock by phone or video for non-emergency health issues, are just a few of the cheap healthcare plans offered by Ambetter to fulfill the needs of its customers.

Ambetter health insurance has a few drawbacks. It is only available in 15 states, enrollment can only occur during open registration, and the company might have stricter qualifying restrictions than other, more conventional insurance companies. Buyers keep these factors in mind before making a purchase.


How much does an Ambetter health insurance plan typically cost?

For a 40-year-old in Florida, a Silver Ambetter plan typically costs $537. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (Florida Blue) are less expensive than this, although Cigna and Health Options Inc. are more affordable. Depending on your area and the plan you select, your Ambetter charges may change.

The Ambetter deductible: How does it operate?

With most health insurance policies, the Ambetter deductible operates as intended. You may be responsible for paying all your medical expenses during the deductible period. Your insurance plan contributes once you have spent enough to meet the deductible. For instance, with Ambetter Balanced Care 30, you are responsible for all medical expenses up to the deductible of $6,100 for a single person. You pay a flat copay or a smaller portion of the cost during the deductible period with other Ambetter plans.

Who is the owner of Ambetter?

The Health Insurance Marketplace product from Centene Corporation is called Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan. Ambetter’s mission is to improve the health of those it serves via specialized, sympathetic care. Our strategy is founded on the fundamental conviction that high-quality healthcare is best provided locally.

How long has there been Ambetter insurance?

Ambetter has provided health insurance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace throughout the United States since 2014. Ambetter delivers a range of projects and healthcare services to fulfill the needs of its more than 2 million customers today.

Is Medicare the same as Ambetter?

You can access coverage as an Ambetter member, just like with a Medicare Advantage plan. You’ll also receive cost-effective healthcare coverage, familiar local services, and member benefits.

Are Ambetter and Peach State the same thing?

On behalf of its parent business, Centene Corporation, Peach State Health Plan distributes marketplace health insurance products under the Ambetter brand.

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