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Humana, one of the largest dental insurance providers in the United States, offers a variety of coverage options for individuals, groups, and employers. Humana health insurance is currently available in all 50 states and a few U.S. territories from its headquarters in Kentucky. But, Humana Dental does not offer all of its plans in every area it serves. Humana dental insurance plans offer some of the financial burden associated with routine dental care and more complex procedures. Your insurance plan and state may offer different health insurance benefits. Your health insurance plan might require you to visit a network dentist. Ensure you understand which dental services are covered and which are not before purchasing a plan.

Dental health reflects overall health. Oral problems can cause heart disease and pregnancy complications. Regular tooth brushing and flossing are essential, as are regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Read on to find out more about Humana dental insurance plans.


Humana’s Dental Coverage

Humana makes it easier to see a dentist by offering low co-pays, a large network of dentists to choose from, and the option to see a specialist without a prescription. In addition, many dental insurance plans allow their members to save money on their premiums by carrying secondary health insurance.

Additionally, here are some Humana dental coverage policies and options to consider.

HumanaOne Complete Dental

There are no waiting periods in HumanaOne Complete Dental for preventive services, which are covered 100% after a low deductible is met, in the HumanaOne Complete Dental plan. After the deductible is met, major services like crowns, dentures, and implants are covered at 50% once coverage for basic services kicks in at 80%.

HumanaOne Preventive Dental Plus

This dental PPO plan has no co-payments, low deductibles, and covers many preventive procedures. Also, there is no requirement to select a dentist with this plan.

HumanaOne Dental Value plan (C550 and HI215)

There are no waiting periods in HumanaOne Dental Value planor deductibles with these prepaid dental plans. To join either plan, choose a primary dentist.

HumanaOne Loyalty Plus Plan

This dental plan has a one-time deductible and no co-payments or waiting periods. Coverage for routine checkups, root canals, and crowns increases from year one to three. This plan covers the same percentages regardless of which dentist you see.

HumanaOne’s Simple Choice Plan

This dental plan has no deductibles or co-pays, making it easy to understand. The HumanaOne Dental Simple Choice network includes more than 170,000 general dentists, so you don’t have to choose a dentist for enrollment.

Humana Dental Offers Additional Programs

Humana provides the following services to individuals and families in addition to dental plans:

  • Plans for health insurance
  • Medicaid and Medicare plans
  • Vision insurance plans
  • Benefits for pharmacies

Two Humana Dental plan options for 2022 

It is possible to keep your teeth and smile in good health with Humana dental insurance.

1. PPO (New lower rates)

For 2022, PPO plans are the most flexible and cost-effective option. It provides up to three free dental cleanings and four-yearly periodontal maintenance appointments. Regardless of whether or not a dentist is in or out of network, you are covered from the moment you enroll.

2. EPO (One-of-a-kind)

The low flat fees charged by EPO include preventive care such as exams, cleanings, and X-rays. Moreover, there is no waiting period. Humana’s expander network includes more than 200,000+ providers.

Additionally, Humana offers dental plans to federal employees and Tricare retirees. Humana federal advantage dental plans are all-inclusive, reasonably priced, user-friendly, and accessible from day one.


Humana Dental Plans for Kids

Over time, Humana dental plans expand your coverage. Coverage and percentage are increased each year up to a certain limit.

Enrolling your children in a Humana plan when they are still young may be wise. In the future, as your children grow older and require more dental care, your insurance plan will have increased limits.

In many cases, dental insurance companies do not have plans that are specifically geared toward children’s dental needs and requirements. However, some individual plans, such as Humana Dental Plans, provide coverage for your child as a dependent and provide the best dental insurance for kids.

Insurance plans offered by Humana gradually broaden your scope of protection. As long as the coverage limit and percentage paid by the plan are above a certain threshold, they both rise each year. You also can compare from the best health insurance companies to select the right one for your kids.

Humana Dental Plans for Seniors

HumanaOne offers a variety of affordable options under the Humana Dental Plans for Seniors umbrella. Users can benefit from substantial discounts on the dental services they need most, and many plans do not require a primary care provider to be selected. Most plans allow policyholders to see specialists without having to get prior approval. Due to standard fees, there are some minor drawbacks. In addition to those needing restorative or denture work, Humana Dental Plans for Seniors can accommodate those on a limited budget.

Humana Dental Medicare

Humana offers a dental Medicare plan. SNPs, HMOs, PPOs, and PFFSs, are all available through Humana as Advantage plans. This coverage is available in nearly every type of insurance plan. Depending on where one lives, one’s options for health insurance will differ.

Dentures, orthodontics, and post-accident care are all covered under Humana dental Medicare. Humana dental Medicare covers two annual exams, bitewing X-rays, panoramic X-rays on average once a year, two cleanings, fillings, root canals, and crowns.

How do I get started with My Humana dental plan?

My Humana dental account can be set up in two simple steps.

1. Go to the Humana website. Create My Humana dental Account 

2.  Click Log In to log in with your Username and Password.

Humana Dental Insurance California

Dentistry coverage through Humana Individuals and families in California can choose from three different PPO dental plans. You can visit any dentist in the state as a member, but you’ll save an average of 28% if you use a network dentist.

A wide range of coverage options is available, with correspondingly different premiums. All of these come with free preventive care and discounts on some other treatments in addition to free preventive care.

With no waiting periods, but a $150 deductible, they offer the Dental Loyalty Plus plan. During the first three years of coverage, your benefits will increase. So, for example, the first year’s co-payment for crowns is 80%, the second year is 70%, and the third year is 50%. In addition, the yearly cap is now $1,500 per person.

Humana’s unique dental insurance program is also available to veterans’ families. To save $35 on the enrollment fee, customers can combine their dental and vision insurance plans.

Humana Dental Insurance Reviews

Humana has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited since 1998. It has been reported that the organization has received multiple accolades for its business practices that promote inclusiveness, equality, and diversity, based on Humana Dental Insurance reviews of the workplace.

The estimated 270,000 dentists who are members of Humana’s dental provider network span all 50 states. People can save money on their dental bills without driving far, which is a huge convenience.

Cigna is a major competitor of Humana in the health insurance market. The Cigna health insurance review is also quite positive. It has a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Humana offers affordable dental coverage, which sets them apart from the competition. Strong financial performance boosts Humana’s reputation.

Bottom Line

For those looking for affordable dental insurance, there’s a good chance Humana has a plan to fit your needs and budget. Therefore, before deciding, you should do some research to see if the plan you are interested in is available in your state. Researching will also help you if you opt in to buy long-term health insurance.

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What type of health plan are you looking for?

What type of health plan are you looking for?

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